The main achievements of the HEALTH C project include a training course in communication in emergency situations, as well as the related training materials, including a toolkit containing guidelines and support documents.

  • Course Contents: These represent the most important achievement of the project as they include information on three key modules: i) Communication processes and skills which provide the theoretical framework for the course, ii) Communication through traditional media, which is of major importance, as it is the most commonly used, and reaches almost everyone, and finally iii) Communication through Social Media, which is increasingly being used in our society and in emergency situations.
  • Toolkit Resources: These are a set of support documents, guidelines and templates that cover the key aspects of the course content, thereby providing ready-to-use information for use in daily activities.
  • Self-Assessment Tests: These are a way for learners to evaluate the knowledge they have gained of the topics studied.
  • Online Platform: All the previously mentioned materials have been integrated within an online Moodle-based platform, which will help to disseminate them further and make it easier for learners to take the course, as online information can easily be accessed by a large number of users without the extra costs associated with providing physical materials.

The population targeted by the course materials is represented by the target groups and beneficiaries identified in the HEALTH C Project. Direct target groups are professionals from healthcare institutions, emergency institutions and health authorities, and indirect targets could include communication experts, the media, civil organizations and the general public.


Implementation of the Pilot Training Courses in several European Countries

During June, July and August the pilot courses of the HEALTH C project were held in Portugal, Germany, Spain and Italy. To have more information about the results of the testing stay tuned because we will soon publish here the final results!

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Training course

“Communication in health emergency: all you need to know”

The Health C Project is delivering its final results and very soon the training course and the training materials will be available for testing. Stay tuned if you are interested in participating free of charge in the piloting phase of the 1st edition of the training course, which will take place before the summer.

The training course uses a blended learning approach, mixing in-class sessions with distance training. A face to face session (half-day session) will provide an introduction to the course. It will take place in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany. During this session, the most relevant theoretical concepts will be approached as well as the objectives of the distance learning period. The self-study at distance is supposed to have an estimated duration of 18 hours, however the exact time needed to learn the materials and complete the exercises will depend on your own learning style.

The course targets health communication managers who wish to become more actively engaged in the communication activities within their organization. The course “Communication in health emergency: all you need to know” is composed of the following three core modules:

a) M1: Communication competences and processes;

b) M2: Use of the traditional media: interacting and communicating with traditional media;

c) M3: Use of the social media.

The self-study materials will be available at the project e-learning platform after registration (which will be available soon): Through the platform it will be possible to access the learning materials in seven different languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and Danish.

Besides the learning materials, which are divided in small lessons for each of the modules, participants will also have access to a toolkit. The toolkit contains practical and easy to use materials that are aimed at supporting the daily activities of healthcare professionals and communication experts

Stay tuned to receive more information of the course dates where it will be possible to participate free of charge and upon invitation. To receive information about the dates of the face to face introductory sessions in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany, please contact the partner in your country (see the contacts in the section “the project”).